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Christie Holechek

Artist Statement

My practice explores the roles of identity and memory, personal and socially within today’s society of transitions and change. As a spectator, I depict overlapping connections in space coexisting in urban and rural settings; moving traffic patterns on the ground and through the air translate into abstractions of bird flight patterns and air travel, in addition to foot and vehicle travel in city streets. An awareness of mark making through line indicates the observed moving transitions, as well as organic shapes and layers of paint combined together depicting the complexity observed and experienced within today’s environments.

The contemporary landscape is an unstable field of both energy and stillness immersing the body in permeations of sound and visual vibration. This dense, phenomenological experience is often dismissed as we go about our routine, repetitive and mundane activities. Over time we sustain a disconnection between our bodies and surrounding space - our consciousness unattuned and untethered to the present time. In order to activate an attentiveness of my body within the landscape, I focus on internalizing and responding to the fluid, interconnected currents of sound and dynamic movement. These intimate observations of pitch, frequency, duration and depth are captured as sensations and are immediately released and rechanneled through the hand and body as they transfer into visual form. This gestural, drawing and painting process steeped in expressive, line quality and character of mark acknowledges the rich qualities found within the isolated events of our everyday experiences and recognizes our ability to reconnect the body to place through a greater state of awareness.


Jacksonville-based artist Christie Holechek is a graduate of the University of North Florida, College of Fine Arts, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing. Recently, she obtained her Master of Fine Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studio Art and Theory from Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine. In addition to her practice as a studio artist, she has been educating the Jacksonville community for over 10 years from instructing at-risk youth to college preparatory high school students. This fall Christie will be teaching at the collegiate level for both Jacksonville University and University of North Florida in the Fine Arts Departments. Holechek entices her audience to enter into a state of intimacy and attentiveness with her work by pushing the medium of drawing and painting; specifically, through an energetic mark-making process that develops into a history of her making experience on the surface in which she is working. She enters into urban spaces to deeply concentrate on the continuous, shifting patterns of sounds swirling around her. Holechek’s drawing and painting experience through abstraction and representation incorporates the symphonic nature of both bombardment and subtleness of the contemporary landscape-two significant characteristics of change found within both natural and man-made sounds-the constant stimuli surrounding us everyday.