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Heidi Edwards

Artist Statement

I did not come to north central Florida for its unique waterways, but for the last twenty years these marshes, rivers, springs and streams have become my underlying support. They are the source of my inspiration as a painter, and a wellspring to refresh my soul. I have explored these waterways on foot, by boat and most enjoyably by silently gliding over them in an aging kayak. I was first drawn to them by the amazing palette they present, juxtaposing low key blues and magentas with high key reflections of yellow and orange. They offer a cool oasis in a brutally hot, humid atmosphere of the area. I have been privileged to have such treasures at my doorstep from which to draw inspiration and my reverence is reflected in the serenity and tranquility of these landscapes.

William Wordsworth argues that there are scenes in nature that we experience that can be pulled up in our minds and re-experienced for the purpose of elevating our spirits. He termed these experiences “spots of time” Looking back over forty some years of painting landscapes, I have found that certain places have repeatedly appeared in my work. I never tire of the inspiration they provide. This body of work encompasses the most significant of these places to me, my “spots of time”. For many years I lived close to the edge of Paynes Prairie, and traveled across it’s vastness daily. Today I live on a salt marsh creeping up to the flowing Guana River north of Saint Augustine, and across the street from the Atlantic with its daily atmospheric changes. These places are among my “spots of time”. I strive to portray the essence of these places through color manipulation, and convey a mood that might elevate the spirits of my audience, much the same as they have sustained and inspired me over time.


Heidi Edwards is a Florida landscape artist that has been living and working in Florida for twenty-five years. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Illinois in 1970 and furthered her studies at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Illinois. Her work has been exhibited at many venues throughout Florida. Her work is part of many permanent and corporate collections in Florida, Illinois and New York. Heidi now paints in her beautiful studio overlooking the marsh in Vilano Beach, Florida.