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Maribel Angel

Artist Statement

I don't see myself as a traditional painter... My paintings are windows into my imagination.... expressed through layers of emotions that come through the surface to tell of a world that lives in my daydreams and deep in my subconscious. I pick up a brush to say things with paint and color that I don't know how to say any other way.


Maribel Angel began creating art at an early age. Raised in a Spanish speaking family and attending an American school, Angel found herself crossing the gap of communication. Faced with a language barrier, art was the best way she knew to communicate.

She later realized the importance of art as being the universal language and pure expression of the heart and soul. When looking at other artist’s works, she could feel the emotions surface through each brushstroke to express what words can't describe.

Inspired, it became important for her to do the same...explore, experiment, and share her artwork with others. In pursuit of her interest in art and design Angel received her BA in graphic design from UNF and has built a career as a professional graphic designer and fine artist for over 15 years. Having worked for ad agencies and design firms, creating award winning logos and designing corporate imagešs and identies, Angel has adopted a strong professional design background and continues to work in the design field while also exploring and developing her fine art skills, which she believes both compliments and strengthens each other.

Angel describes her paintings as windows into her imagination; they are the spirit of her daydreams and subconscious taking form in her works. Her paintings are described as poetic expressions, solid but ephemeral and have been compared to Botero and Chagall. Endlessly intrigued with color and texture, her work is an exploration of each.

In a process she describes as "fresco nuevo" she starts by creating a rich surface on a panel to use as the foundation. Without any preconceived ideas, she listens to her inner voice and trusts her intuition, working the surface by giving it texture and adding layers of colors of paint. Each piece goes through numerous transformations as she adds honesty, imagination, memories, collage, transfers, patterns, paint, pencils, pastels, strong sense of design and love of play to the mix until her stylistic images begin to reveal themselves and the painting comes to life.

Currently Angel's home and studio is in Saint Augustine, Florida where she lives and continues to design and create artwork hoping to enchant and visually stimulate viewers, connecting them to a world inside her imagination.